Light Weight Date Terminal, Image Scanner, Barcode Printer, Mumbai, India
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  1. Barcode Scanner
A) Laser Scanner
a. SCANLIFE SL-2016 -     Read More..
b. SCANLIFE SL-1615 -     Read More..
c. SCANLIFE SL-2230T+(With Stand) -     Read More..
d. Mindeo MD2000 -     Read More..
e. Mindeo MD2250AT+ (With Stand)-     Read More..
B) 2D Barcode Scanner
a. SCANLIFE SL-6200 2D+1D -    Read More..
b. Mindeo MD6200 2D/1D -     Read More..
C) Image Platform Scanner
a. Mindeo MP725 2D/1D -     Read More..
D) Light Weight Date Terminal
a .MS 3390 ( 1D ) Bluetooth -     Read More..
b. MS 3590 ( 1D / 2D ) Bluetooth -       Read More..
E) Wireless Scanner
a. SCANLIFE SL-BT 3333 (Bluetooth Scanner) -     Read More..
b.SCANLIFE SL-CR-30 (Bluetooth Ring Scanner) -     Read More..
c. SCANLIFE SL-1315 (2.4G Wireless And With Wire) -   Read More..
  2. Barcode Printer
A) Desktop
a. TSC TPP 244 Pro ( 5.I.P.S.) -     Read More..
b. DA200 Series -      Read More..
c. P200 Series -      Read More..
d. TE244 Series     Read More..
B) Industrial
a. TSC TTP 246 M Pro (8.1. P.S.)  -      Read More..
b. TTP-2610MT -       Read More..
c. TTP-384MT -       Read More..
d. MH-240 Series -      Read More..
e. ME-240 Series -       Read More..
C) Omnidirectional Scanner
a. Scanlife SL-1719 -       Read More..
  3. POS Printers
  a. Xprinter XP-C2008    Read More..
  4. Portable Printers
  a. ALPHA 3R -      Read More..
  5. Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
a. RF
A. SCANLIFE PDS 3620s -     Read More..
b. AM
A. SCANLIFE 8910 And 8911     Read More..
c. Accessories
a. Mini Hard
b. Pencil Tags
c. Detector
d. Rf Eas Deactivator
e. Soft Tags
f. Lavyard With Pin
g. AM Soft Tags
i. Am Jewelery Tags
Read More..
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